Canoe Trips/Rentals/Camping/Event Grounds    

   Canoe rentals,you pick up/drop back off..$30.00/24 hours 

  2 days..45.00  3 days..50.00  4 days..60.00  5 days..65.00  full week 75.00

                      (we can drop off/pick up for a little more) 

                          Canoes pick up and drop at our Mad River Camp

                      5838 Wynn Rd. Enon/Springfield  45502






                     River6 Canoe Adventures/Outfitters


                                        @ Fairborn Canoe Club              

                        canoe rentals/canoe camping trips/training courses/adventure trips

                 Fairborn,OH 45324

              William  937 580 4213      Greg   937 308 5801


                      canoe camping trips,fishing floats/camps,

                 equipment rental(sleeping bags, tent,misc assrys) 

                               guided trips,pre-assembled camps,tips and training      

                 Booking trips year round....plan yours today

                 Great for Groups,Team Building,Honing field skills,Relaxing.

                                       Getting back to some basics,back to nature





                       Overnight Canoe Camping Trips  


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Winter Canoe Camping

Overnight Fishing Trips

Day trips

Canoe Rentals/Sales

Duck Hunting Floats/Camps


       Pick up/drop off at your home or site of your choice,hours of your choice

       We can deploy anytime....10:00pm,1:00am,12:00 noon...whenever


                                                   Many islands to camp on

                      Great fishing...trout,small mouth,catfish,giant carp


       Abundant wildlife,lots of deer,ducks,geese, turtles,and yes a few snakes.....

       There have been lots of bald eagle sightings down toward Huffman park


                  Guided Duck Hunting Floats/River camps


                          "  sometimes you have to lose yourself ,to  find yourself "


               Canoeing,rafting and river activities,like most adventure sports are

                      inherently dangerous.You could be injured or killed......